The fee for a lawyer must be reasonable, and various factors are taken into consideration in calculating the fee you will be charged, e.g. how long your case will take and how complicated it is. Advice at a meeting at the law firm or by phone and email will attract a charge on the part of the law firm. In certain instances you will be entitled to reimbursement of part of your costs, through legal protection or legal aid. We will help you with applications.



In the event of a dispute the legal protection included in your home insurance can sometimes be used. Legal protection covers the fee up to the so-called legal-aid tariff, which the state sets every year. An excess – usually of 20-25% – is payable on this amount.



If you do not have any home insurance or if the legal protection cannot be used for the dispute you can in certain instances receive legal aid. If you are granted legal aid you must pay some of the costs yourself – the so-called legal-aid fee. The legal-aid fee is calculated as a proportion of your income and capital.




If a client is dissatisfied with the service a lawyer has provided the client must contact the lawyer in order to discuss the matter and attempt to come to a consensual solution. If no solution can be achieved the Swedish Bar Association’s Consumer Board can examine the matter.