In the event of a divorce or dissolution of a cohabitation relationship an estate division must be carried out. This means that all property that constitutes marital property or cohabitation property must be distributed between the spouses or cohabiting partners.

If you and your spouse or cohabiting partner cannot agree on implementation of the estate division you can apply to the district court for appointment of an estate distribution executor. The district court will then appoint an independent lawyer, who will implement the estate division between you. The estate distribution executor must first try to get you to agree on the estate division. If this is not possible the estate distribution executor must carry out an enforced estate division. If you or your spouse or cohabiting partner think the estate distribution executor’s decision is wrong then an appeal against the decision can be lodged with the district court. An action must then be brought against the other spouse within four weeks of notification of the decision.

You and your spouse or cohabiting partner are jointly responsible for payment of the costs levied by the estate distribution executor.

We take on assignments as estate distribution executor.